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Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager Therapy Gun

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Brand Name: Mr·Cue
Model Number: massager
Function: Body
Teaching Mode: CD
Classified by Exerciser Number: 1
Material: Composite Material
Item: Tissue Massage Gun Muscle Massager
standard voltage: 110-240 v
Rated Voltage: 24v
Frequency: 1800 / 2400 / 3200 Rpm Adjustable
Working Time: 8 Hours
Feature: Automaticlly Power Off When Fully Charged
Function: Muscle Massage, Body Slimming, Body Shaping, Daily Massage Relaxation
application: body
Display method: LCD
Chip system: Intelligent AI


The role of the MRCUE muscle massager

Professional athletes and physiotherapists have relied on massage therapy to help muscle recovery. Using MRCUE means having a professional private masseur to make it easy for us to complete the massage to eliminate fatigue. Massage muscles and release lactic acid, releasing muscle fatigue to speed up recovery. Massage can also increase muscle blood flow and reduce muscle pain. Increased blood flow is critical to muscle recovery and recovery because it provides oxygen, nutrients and removes toxins from the muscles. In daily life, it can be used to massage various parts of the body, including the neck, soles, arms and thighs, to instantly eliminate fatigue, as well as body sculpting, weight loss and other effects.

What are our advantages over the same product?

The same type of product: Inconvenient to use the button: only 3-6 kinds of massage intensity, can not meet the massage needs of other parts of the human body / display mode is not clear visible indicator light / battery power is low, can only use 1-3 hours, need to be repeatedly charged very troublesome. When used, it is very noisy, affecting others / no product warranty, no after-sales service, and consumers are not protected. Our MRCUE: Smart Touch Use / 20 massage intensity options to meet a variety of body massage needs / LCD display more clear / battery capacity 2500AH up to 8 hours / latest technology silent motor / equipped with pressure feedback system AI intelligent control chip can be automatic Adjusting the motor speed and output power depends on the massage pressure. Very user-friendly / undercooling system can extend the life of the motor / double bearing gearbox design / we have many years of experience in the manufacture of massagers, so we are very confident in the product, we will provide you with 20 years warranty, if If you have any quality problems, we will provide new products for free, 7 * 24 hours online customer service to answer any questions.


specification Massager size: length 238mm height 258mm Charging voltage: 110-240V Speed: 1200-3300 rpm / minute


4 kinds of massage heads, to meet the needs of a variety of body massage. Gift box packaging, high-end atmosphere, easy to carry

Professional massager

Deep relaxation, effectively reduce muscle stiffness and soreness, promote blood flow and make your body healthier

Many famous fitness coaches recommend

The difference between us and our competitors

Old usage: press keyboard / work mode: 3~6 modes / display mode: indicator light / battery capacity: 2050-2400AH / normal battery life: 4H / motor: no noise / power: inferior MRCUE new: smart touch / 20 modes / display mode: LCD / battery capacity: 2500AH / normal battery life: 8H / motor: silent motor / power: quality assurance

HD LCD smart touch

20 massage strength options. 1200-3300 rpm to meet all the needs of body massage

Silicone grip with new vibration-reducing material, anti-slip and anti-sweat for more comfortable use

AI intelligent control chip

Equipped with a pressure feedback system, it can automatically adjust the motor speed and output power according to the massage pressure. It is very user-friendly.

Silent technology

Multiple acoustic materials absorb shock and match silent motor dual-axis rotation to greatly reduce noise

8 Hours working time, 2500MAH large capacity battery, fast charging takes only 1.5 hours

Super cooling system

Efficient heat dissipation, reducing heat during use, improving power performance and extending motor life

Double bearing transmission design

The use of reinforced ABS material, plus high-quality metal paint baking process, showing elegant high-grade metal texture

Give 4 massage heads to massage different parts of the body

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