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Huawei Router WS5108 11AC MU-MIMO Wifi Repeater 100 Megabit 2.4G / 5G Dual Band

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Six factors in choosing Huawei routing WS5108

1.Dual frequency routing Concurrency rate up to 1167M 2.True dual frequency Dual frequency, automatic optimization 3.11AC MU-MIMO Faster when connecting multiple devices 4.1GHz CPU Dual-band Wi-Fi performance is stronger 5.5dBi Four wide antennas are strong through the wall and have good signal 6.APP remote management Enjoy smart life

1167M true dual frequency, automatic switching

Dual-band Wi-Fi concurrent connection rates up to 1167M. 5GHz speed, 2.4GHz through the wall, dual frequency, automatic optimization, It is close to the automatic 5GHz, and the remote wall is automatically connected to 2.4GHz. The remote partition wall automatically selects 2.4GHz. *Wireless rate theoretical value (2.4GHz 300M + 5GHz 867M), the actual rate will vary depending on the environmental distance.

Data comparison:

The first generation of 11AC can only communicate with one terminal at a time. Second generation 11AC MU-MIMO, communicating with multiple terminals at the same time The average speed of each device is increased by 20%* *Requires terminal support for 11AC MU-MIMO, data comparison from the theoretical comparison of two generations of technology in the laboratory environment.

A new generation of 28nm 1GHz CPU

The router processor with 28nm process is single-chip, and the CPU clock speed is 1GHz. 802.11AC 2x2 Wi-Fi, DDR2 memory. Compared to 40 nanometer chips: Performance improvement*: ↑33, Reduced power consumption*: ↓20%

Widening four antennas, strong through the wall, good signal

Externally 4 widened high-performance antennas, through scientific layout, between the same-frequency antennas in a limited space Greater isolation, effectively reducing co-channel interference. The LDPC weak signal error correction algorithm allows the router to operate in an interference environment.

Easy to use, free of "brain".

No need for a computer, use the phone 2 steps * to complete the Internet configuration. Under normal circumstances, the fiber user only needs 2 steps. If PPPoE dialing is involved, it takes 3 steps. 1. Connect to the router Wi-Fi, open any browser and open the configuration page automatically. 2. Enter the Wi-Fi name and password, and configure the Internet immediately.

APP easily manages routers

Remote management Easy to manage home network without being at home   2. Online time Easily manage your kids' online time and allocate a reasonable amount of bandwidth to each device. 3. Mall shopping HUAWEI-enabled smart devices can be purchased directly in the app. 4. Guest Wi-Fi Open exclusive Wi-Fi for visitors to prevent home Wi-Fi password leakage 5. Wi-Fi timer switch Easy to set up according to sleep habits Wi-Fi automatic switching time 6. Fun smart device After the smart device connects to Huawei routing, Unified management in the APP

Huawei Hil ink device is protected from confidential access. Modify Wi-Fi, automatic synchronization

When the Huawei Hilink device is connected to the Internet through the APP, password-free access is more convenient; When the router Wi-Fi name/password is modified, the router will automatically synchronize to the connected Huawei HiLink device. There is no need to reconnect to the network one by one.

Four security home network worry-free

Anti-fishing, anti-trojan Baidu technology cooperation automatically identifies malicious websites Anti-brute force crack Prevent professional cracking software Invasion of home network security Guest Wi-Fi Exclusive W-Fi for visitors Safeguarding the owner's network is safer Kick out APP Yijian kicks off the network equipment Reduce security risks


Brand Name: Huawei
Type: Wireless
With Modem Function: No
Wi-Fi Supported Frequency: 2.4G & 5G
LAN Ports: 4
Wired Transfer Rate: 1000Mbps
Model Number: Huawei Router WS5108
Standards And Protocols: Wi-Fi 802.11g
5G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate: 867Mbps
2.4G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate: 300 Mbps
Wi-Fi Transmission Standard: 802.11ac
Supports WPS: Yes
Package: No
Function: Firewall
Number of USB Interfaces: None
Application: Home
Supports WDS: No
Max. LAN Data Rate: 1000Mbps

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